Monday, December 10, 2007

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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

when angels meet evil

if Angel eyes fall upon evil eyes

and the eyes of evil look upon floor

and his will is broken and he can't look back

the evil curse on his soul has been broken by love

in his soul starts to heal even though evil is still in control

and as he raises his head and looks at this Angel

tears flow down his face for sorrow of his deeds of the past

with fury and rage he will destroy this place which his mine rests

a feeling of being disturbed and unrest works out to violence

but love forbids him to hurt a soul bled inflicts pain to himself

and sees Angel looks and feeling through her eyes and he stops

it cools down and sits down and finds a place of peace

in the last breath of evil leaves his chest

to this man of once evil becomes weak to this power

the power so strong that evil itself was scared

love this man in love is in the its place of control

"this angel" he cries "my love to you has made me weak

But it's you who may me want to be a better being

And I thank you oh sweet lovely soul"

and the angel nods her head and smiles with the flare

"and what you must do, his wait" she replies with a voice of singing birds

And he sits waiting and watching every one flyaway

even though it was only here he felt a long

and he dreams of future days where the angel returns

Friday, July 27, 2007

true face, angels of hate

if in death i will find peace

all given to fate's wish

and sit to wait to find peace

as the wind passes by

a chill goes down my spine

is it you angel of death

i have been waiting for this day

in my past i have been visited

by another angel, the angel love

and she tricked me into love

what seems like happiness but was not

it hurt me and caused me pain

and i became weak and fell to my knees

that was a dream of happiness that felt good

then i woke and recognized the nightmare

and as i looked up at that angel

she laughed at me and mocked my way

i left me alone to find my way

so i called you and asks for your peace

and here you are once again another angel

a liar, a jester, a con, just left in our face

such a daemon that has been given the wrong name

because we are just humans with limited brains

that you can lie and con and get away

if you will not help me find my peace

i shall make my life goal to show to wrong

and that to a face you hide so well away

gives me peace or go away

for you shall be the first to feel what you made

a beginning that is empty and filled with hate

and until there is no more hate

fighting angels shall be my chosen fate

Thursday, July 19, 2007

a cry of truth

if i live i cry, but if i die i will lose
crying, lose, it all the same
lost and confused about fate
obstacles fill my way
for every brick wall i brake
another one is not to far away
no rest in this place
all i want is a brake
crave for happiness that is so far away
days come and nights go
and the pain does not fade
a sound that's in the air
is a song of happiness
that tells a story which i hate
an angel here but is so far away
and my soul is empty
and my heart still bets
and does not stop at this time
no matter how i try
my mind does not stop and sleep
and sleep lost its worth
days so long and night longer
with only day dreams of lost hope
and my blood is red and filled with hate
and spill it shall flow all away
until there's nothing left
and i become an empty shell
at the shore of the ocean of pain

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

count down

hands shaking, heave breathing, nicotine craving
nerves sending singles to my mind making it work over time
doubt and worry of whats unknown
no concentration at all no piece of thought
vary time consuming, no way of running
energy depletion, sitting thinking alone
sleep deprived from non-stop thinking
coffee the only thing that keeping me alive
can't eat and feeling like i can't breath
giving up the fight the unrested mind
giving into this place of my mind
feeling bad but not depressed just unrest
all the different kinds of questions at thing time
predicting a future, preparing my self at this time
hopeful for peace within my mind

Friday, July 13, 2007


a man can only dream of what he does not have and desires
and only when he feels it close and with in his grasp he will stop
and i have had dreams for a thousand and one nights
the same thing the same way as in real life, not change
in thousand dreams at night where i felt so great and i slept
so perfect, so sweet, an angel from heaven for man to wish for
but i dream no more for love for you're in sight
i seek no more i now its right
i want no more just you at my side
one world, one place, one truth, and there is only one you
so rare and nothing shines so bright
i only hope you can accept me for what i am
but dreams come true and you are Prof
sorry for what i do but is not right but
just looking at you makes me feel like becoming a better person
because you are so perfect and i am but just a human

Thursday, May 31, 2007

the first angel's walk of the clouds

an empty place no one around not even a sound
walking alone praying to god for a chance
and my angel appears in front of me
my nerves are shocked and i can barely stand
i open my mouth and say what i can
a moment feels like my life time that pass by
and an angel looks into my eyes
and the smallest word comes out that bundles my mind
nerves high but calm and time goes by and i feel like if I'm flying
every word rings in my mind every movement makes me think
the angel hides the truth and her feelings
she knows why and i feel that she likes the idea
the angel is shocked as much as i
my angel unable to continue and the guardian that by her side
the gardian say what my angel can not saybecause
its not what she believes and she feels a different way
she looks at me and can't speak and looks away and
says what she says and i look and i look and i cant believe
that i am finally here i broke the silence
and my curse of sleepless nights and hope
for forsaken dreams to fade away a true
flower of the desert that i have gained the small
of achievement and i am finally so happy
and i thank my lord and kneel to him for
helping me reach, and becoming a knight and meeting my queen